Kabul-Afghanistan: (PMG)

Reporter: Mohammad Yassin Sadat

Ministry of Education warns Afghan security forces and armed opposition that they must prevent harming students and staff of this ministry in the course of the battle. Ministry of Education spokeswomen Nooria Nuzhat urged the conflict parties to protect the security of their Education ministry employees and their students and their safety should be the main priority of both side, she urged the country’s security and defence forces to do not set up schools as their posts. Education ministry spokeswoman also said: “The use of schools and the victimization of education workers and students has made the process difficult. We call on both parties seriously to pay attention to the safety of employees and students in the battle. ”

The statement of education ministry spokeswomen come in a time that during a missile strike in Ghazni, Andar district four students were killed, and at least 10 others including students and teachers were injured in this incident. Reports say the missile was launched by the Taliban, but Taliban claim that the missile was thrown by Afghan security forces. The event took place at Mullah Noah Baba School in Ander district.

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