Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

The Afghan Ministry of Education, with a newsletter broadcast, warns that perpetrators of violence will be punished with the most severe punishment of students. According to the Ministry of Education Newsletter, “Violence against students at school grounds is strictly forbidden and prosecuted. Violence and reprisal of students in the school system are the most severe of disciplinary measures (exclusion of duty).”

According to the Law on Education of the country, the letter states: “According to Article 39 of the Education Act, students’ physical and mental retribution is not allowed even for the purpose of modifying and adapting them. Educational oversight supervisors monitor all the confrontations of teachers, headmasters, managers, and other school staff, and are severely punished if they receive reports of violent clashes with their student perpetrators. Schoolchildren are also required to observe the principles and rules of the educational environment.”

This message is being presented when one day ago, the Minister of Education issued an order for banning scolded or forced haircut of the students and according to him this act was called illegal. The minister of education also stated that from now on, no one has the right to hurt students’ hair or do any kind of force haircut.

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