Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

The Ministry of Interior has warned the former National Security Council Advisor, Din Mohammad Jurat, that if he does not submit all government facilities to the Ministry within 72 hours, he will be subject to legal proceedings. The newsletter says: “The amount of weapons and military vehicles includes two Humvee cars, two rangers, and two armored vehicles with two Dushka Machine guns, a 10 Kalashnikovs, a Brita pistol and some non-responsible gunmen are at the service of Muhammad Jurat.”

The newsletter also adds: “Interior Ministry strongly urges Mr. Jurat to hand over back all the facilities to Kabul police including all of the weapons, military vehicles and non-responsible gunmen that harass civilians in the capital for the next seventy-two hours and cooperate with the police in enforcing the law and providing security. Otherwise, he will be legalized in charges of breaking law. ”

The interior ministry has also urged Mr. Jurat to clean his black glass cars until he was determined and cooperate with the police, in law enforcement.

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