Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

Panjshir is a mountainous province located 120 km north-east of Kabul between the two southern Hindu Kush branches from the northeast to the parallel southwest along the Hindu Kush, and its sub-valleys extend north-south and south-northward to the general valley Panjshir are connected

The ministry spokesman Abdul Qadir Motfi said the Panjshir Iron and Steel Ministry’s survey was completed and it was suggested to the cabinet to confirm the iron mine as a major investment project to launch the bidding process.

Mr. Motfi added that with the start of the bidding, we can attract a lot of investments in this sector, 38 of which there are interested in investing in this sector.

According to him, Panjshir does not have security problems and many investors want to invest there

While Panjshir is one of the richest mines and natural resources, there are many mines such as precious and semi-precious stones, metal mines, marble quarries, and construction materials mines.

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