Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khurasani

From the verbal tensions to physical encounters in the House of Representatives among the people’s representatives and the three rounds of elections, the fate of Speaker of the Parliament became clear, and after at least a month of tension and bargaining, Mir Rahman Rahmani, was elected as parliament speaker by achieving 136 votes, and finally Mr. Rahmani was elected was appointed in this position.

In the fourth round of today’s parliament members election, Mr. Rahmani managed to get 136 votes and beat his rival Mohammad Khan Wardak, who was able to achieve 96 votes. As a result, Mr. Rahmani was introduced by the interim Chief of the House of Representatives as head of the parliament. At today’s meeting, there were 245 delegates, with 123 ballots set aside was the standard in this round of elections for selecting parliament speaker.

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