Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

For the second time, the 17th round of the House of Representatives held a meeting today to elect its chairman. In this round of elections Mir Rahman Rahmani and Kamal Naser Osole, who won the most votes on the previous day election went to the second round of voting. After the elections in a series, Mir Rahman Rahmani won the seats in the House of Representatives by gaining 123 votes in the middle finally parliamentary technical team announced him as the head of the House of Representatives.

Kamal Nasser Sole, who was the hardest competitor of Mr. Rahmani and he was known as core rivals, could not reach that point by 55 votes, it said the House of Representatives had 247 seats today. Meanwhile, it is expected that tomorrow the selection process for the members of the House of Representatives will also be held.

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