Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

By launching large-scale operations in Baghlan province, security forces were able to destroy the Taliban’s nests in the strategic areas of the province and clear the district.

The Ministry of National Defense has published a newsletter detailing the extensive operations in the Taliban’s strategic areas in Baghlan, where the group has been in a safe haven for years, and there are even reports that the war in the northeastern provinces is now headed. It is occupied by the security forces.

The operation also cleared the country’s security forces in the areas of (Dandshababuddin) and Dandghuri (Kelagai) and Dahaneh Ghori districts of enemy nests, and cleanup of other areas is underway.

The ministry said Taliban deputy governor Qari Bakhtiar for Baghlan province and his successor, Taliban military chief Qari Naeem (Mullah Mustan), killed Taliban and Barfak district officials, and two of his men, and Qari Osmatullah Azir the Taliban were arrested along with 71 others, including Red Taliban soldiers.

Abbas Tavakoli, commander of the army in Baghlan, said in an interview with the Pasbnan news agency that the Dahana Ghori district may be completely cleared of the Taliban tomorrow.

The Ministry of Defense also reported the demolition of a large Taliban cache in Danghuri Pul-e-Khumri.

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