Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter and Image: Morteza Haidary

Afghanistan Ministry of Defense spokesman told media that except two districts in Nuristan province, Afghan national army was able to provide election materials in 32 provinces of the country. Sayed Ghafor Ahmad Jawaid the spokesman of defense ministry says: that from beginning of election process up to now there was no security challenge reported around the country. He adds that Afghan security forces were able to provide security for this process. According to Mr. Jawaid Afghan security and defense forces was able to secure election process without any serious challenge around the country.

Meanwhile spokesman of Independent directorate of local governance says: the election process began from 7 am officially and all local authorities of 32 provinces went to election centers to vote. Sayed Shah Saqeem also emphasized that in upcoming week parliamentary election would be held in Kandahar and after that they will held elections in Ghazni province. He also adds that that all preparations are in hand for holding elections in districts of Doab and Mandowar of Nuristan province and Afghanistan defense ministry is prepared to send election materials to these two provinces soon.


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