Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote on Twitter that he received a message from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of Pakistan’s National Day. “It’s a message from my colleague, Mr. Modi has stated:” Congratulations to the people of Pakistan on the National Day of Pakistan, “said Mr. Imran Khan, quoting Moody’s Twitter message.” I believe it is time for Pakistan to support putting aside terrorists and securing the security of the Indian subcontinent so that the peoples of the two countries can live in peace and stability. ”

The message has also had a lot of reaction from Pakistani citizens, while India wants to end Pakistan’s support for terrorists, which Modi earlier has been trying to include Masood Azhar, one of the Pakistani terrorists in the list of The United Nations Security Council has started a terrorist attack and hopes that it will soon be able to bring this Pakistani terrorist attack to include United Nations sanctions.

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