Pasbanan- Kabul:

In the 26th anniversary of the Mujahedin-era victory, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the president of the country, declared that the Taliban’s war against Afghan citizens was illegitimate. Mr. Ghani says: “The Taliban declared the battle under the name of Khandaq, it’s odd, and do you know what that Khandaq is? Why Prophet Mohammad launched the battle and it was against who? This group fight against the citizens of Afghanistan, this war is against Muslims and a free Afghanistan. 120,000 foreigners were expelled from this country, whether there was any doubt if foreigners are here because of the Taliban, we will fight for our survival. ”

President Ghani said that the current battle is a battle for the survival of the country, and emphasizes that the Afghan security and defense forces have all power and trenches to fight or even make peace with Taliban. “We are fighting for the coming generations, peace, and prosperity of this land,” he added. The cost of the current battle is the poor people of this land. The battle will be imposed on us. The Taliban dared not choose the right way, once again I call on the group to join the peace process, because the government is willing and competent, for completing this process. ”

Ghani continues to ask the country’s media to consider Afghan security forces as martyrs as victims of the security and defense forces. The president continues to say: “The people of Afghanistan have a strong will to provide peace, and fight for that goal until the terrorists stop the violence.”


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