Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khorasani

The presidential palace, has ordered police by releasing a newsletter, that President Ghani has ordered the perpetrators of the killing of Mahsa to be punished. The presidential palace’s newsletter has stated: “president Ghani was severely affected by the martyrdom of Mahsa, which resulted in the death of Mahsa, a child abducted by wild kidnappers.”

The presidential palace newsletter adds: “The country’s president, has emphasized that this incident was brutal act, and such criminal acts are not accepting to Afghan government, the president has led the relevant bodies to pursue the case and trail the perpetrators of this crime in the dainty of the laws that apply. And according to the country law these criminals will be severely punished by the relevant institutions.”

This is while the capital residents are calling for the execution of these criminals as soon as possible. The Kabul police say the expeditious prosecution of these people would be sent to Attorney general office and their case would be sent to by Kabul police.

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