Pasbanan- Kabul:

National Security Advisor met with the Special Representative of Sweden for Afghanistan and Pakistan. “Kabul Process Meeting” and future of Afghanistan-Pakistan relations have been discussed at the heart of the discussions. NSA press office quoted Mr. Atmar “Afghanistan has committed itself for maintaining relations with all countries in the region for security, stability and economic development, the countries that have chosen terror support as a part of their security strategy, those countries has pose treats to region  and since that faced serious challenges. ”

Nonetheless, Lint Launner, the Swedish Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, said: “The Kabul Process Meeting, in which representatives of countries and organizations of different parts of the world would be present, will play a crucial and decisive role in stability of Afghanistan and region.” “The government of Afghanistan criticizes Pakistani terror sponsoring policies at a time, which Kabul and Islamabad have hosted two joint meetings after rising violence in the country, but so far the results of these meetings have not been clear.

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