Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrzad

Hamdullah Moheb, Afghanistan’s national security adviser, met with Russia’s national security adviser on the sidelines of regional security summit. Mr. Moheb said during the meeting that Afghanistan has suffered from this phenomena and this country is victim of terrorism more than any other country, he has also stated that the countries of the region and the international community must work hard to move forward in a coordinated manner to eradicate terror groups and weaken them.

Mr. Moheb has also emphasized that negative regional competition is causing problems and many countries are using this tool to their advantage. According to Moheb: “Afghanistan has a clear position on fight against terrorism, and other countries must take this issue seriously and strive for a coordinated and strong fight against the terrorists. He has also stated that the countries should not allow the terrorists to sacrifice the Afghan people more than.”

The Russian National Security Adviser also referred to recent developments in Afghanistan and praised the Afghan security and defense forces for taking good measures against terrorism.

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