Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Shershah Nawabi

Hamdullah Moheb, Afghanistan National Security Council Advisor, said that more than ever the opportunity to provide lasting peace has been provided. Mr Moheb said in a meeting with Finnish deputy Foreign Minister Pikapaphestin, for foreign and domestic affairs: “Our ultimate goal is to provide peace in recent developments. The people of Afghanistan want lasting peace in order to achieve a common consensus, and this process needs the support of the citizens of the country. ”

Mr Moheb insists that the countries of the region should give honest support to the Afghan government’s efforts to bring peace to the country. “Stable Afghanistan is in the benefit of all the countries of the region and the world,” he added. “We have always shared our concerns and challenges with our international partners, and we hope that by the end of this year, we will be able to have a different Afghanistan from now.”

Meanwhile, Finnish Deputy Foreign Minister Mr Pikapapustin has said that their efforts to develop Afghanistan have been favourable and now the time has come to bring peace to Afghanistan. “Afghanistan has made significant progress in the coming years, and now the opportunity to bring peace in the country is provided,” he said. We are committed to reaching an agreement with Afghanistan and we are in the process of cooperating to calculate the results of our work in this country. ”

In addition to progress in the peace process, in this meeting, the two sides, have continued to engage in bilateral cooperation, economic progress, future elections, and more in the context of better governance.

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