Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

The interior ministry has wrote in a newsletter that securing police service members live during duty around the country is their responsibility and after this no one including law brokers and bullies would be allowed to react against police during their duty time. The newsletter added: “police is responsible for providing security and law enforcement. As Police is a mirror to the society willing, securing service member lives during duty time is the main priority of the interior ministry. After this police forces will punish all those law brokers and bullies who are undermining law and they won’t be allowed be ANP to interrupt their work during duty time. And now one is allowed to misuse military equipment and facilities against police forces.”

The MOI has also declared a decree to its all commanders that they must act seriously against law breakers. The newsletter adds: “all commanders are alerted to support their subordinators during duty against law breakers. If anyone was willing to act against police than they should be punished according to law and also judiciary.”

The interior ministry is calling for support to police force during duty time that recent incident clash between police and Tamim Shansab Son of Rahim Wardag ex- defense minister caused casualties to Police. During this incident at least two police members were killed and 6 others got injured.

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