Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Lutfullah Nejrabi

The Interior Ministry has said that at least 48 most wanted individuals who were suspected in several crimes have been detained by security forces in the past four months, according to MOI Abdul Hamid Khurasani is also among these criminals which were arrested today. According to Nusrat Rahimi Interior ministry spokesman: “Abdul Hameed Khurasani is accused of murder, kidnapping, plunder, interception, forgery, and insulting the Afghan government, and today he was arrested by the Police Special Forces in PD 10 of Kabul early this noon.

The interior ministry spokesman also said that Khurasani’s case is currently under police work and that the case will be sent to the General Prosecutor’s Office soon. He reaffirms that police will never be merciful to those who disrupt social stability and will fight seriously against the terrorist groups. “The impact of the security forces’ efforts in Kabul has reduced the number of organized crime by at least 90 percent, and total crime rates have declined by 60 percent,” he added.

The interior ministry spokesman also emphasizes that the police and security forces are currently trying to stop any terrorist and criminal transgressions across the country, especially in Kabul.

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