After deadliest attack on Inter continental 5 star hotel in Kabul, interior ministry of Afghanistan has arrested all of the officials of Kabul Balkh Security company. the attack happened on Saturday night and it was carried around 16 hours by terrorists. according to media reports 6 terrorists were involved in this attack the interior ministry has told media that in this attack 20 people were killed and at least 16 others got injured.

But media reports show’s that more than 40 person got killed that 11 of them were foreigners who was working with Kam Air private airlines in Afghanistan. according to the sources after 3 days Afghanistan interior ministry has arrested all of Kabul Balkh Security company officials. those people are in the list of Afghan interior ministry that they were in charge of providing security to the inter continental hotel. the sources added that 3 week’s before the incident happened the security responsibilities of the hotel were transferred to this private company.

According to tolonews, most of the security officials were not present in the area before the attack happened an when attack was in place only 15 security personal of Kabul Balkh company were in the incident area.

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