Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammaddin Agharkhil

The office of interior ministry spokesman for said that the attacker on Musala Mazari was arrested by police in the spot, and the incident was missile attack. The acting head of the Interior Ministry spokesman Nusrat Rahimi adds: “This mortar was placed inside a castle near to Musala Mazari, after the incident took place, police arrested the infiltrator and the people who were co-operating with the attacker are also identified.”

This event happened around 12 pm in the 13th police district of Kabul. It is also said that the coordinators of the incident are in the siege of police currently, and no missile have hit the place where the death anniversary ceremony of Abdul Ali Mazari was held. Meanwhile, some sources claim that up to now 14 civilians have been wounded in the incident.

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