Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Shikib Ahmad Nazari

Everywhere have smell of blood and everyone is in turmoil, Qala-e-Nazir area which is located in police PD six district of Kabul yesterday witnessed a bloody attack that all of its victims were civilians. Broken glasses and boots of the victims are narrating the tragedy which has occurred here and may be government was fail to prevent this bloody incident. Now Ali Reza guard of Khatam-ul-Anbeya club is standing instant of his two comrades which were killed and wounded at the early moments of the incident, while they faced the suicide bomber. He is saying the incident story to us: “first of all the suicide bomber enter to the yard of wrestling club by shooting two guards, that one of them is martyred and other one is hospitalized. After he runs to the second gate which is dedicated to the athletes when he saw that the door is close he came to the third door and blown up himself out of the gate.”

Pahlawan Eid Mohammad is in charge of this sports center, that all of his students were victim of terror attack. He says: “while the first incident took place I was outside of club, so I rushed to area and with my colleges we transfer all death bodies and wounded’s to Istiqlal hospital. After returning to the club I recognized that a corolla car is standing outside, its doors are open and it is fallen in the water pores runoff. One hour later after the first attack the car was also detonated which cause casualties including reporters and civilians.” He also added: “I have carried around 20 death bodies to the hospital and my club has also suffered a heavy financial loss.”

The local residence claimed that after this incident police fired on them, but interior ministry refuses these statements and called it baseless issues. Nusratullah Rahimi deputy spokesman of interior minister told Pasbanan Media Group: “After this incident happened, police reached to area but the locals were so angry they did not let police to check the incident scene after one hour the car which was suspicious exploded which occurred at least 21 killed and 91 others were injured.”

Targeting of civilian centers belongs to Afghanistan Shiites are not unfamiliar. Earlier a suicide attacker targeted Mawoud learning center, which was archest red by ISIS-K. this incident caused at nearby 100 deaths and injured. The locals believe that the government is weak to secure their lives and centers.


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