Pasbanan- Kabul:

While it is expected that the first round of Kankur examinations will be held in 8 provinces in the upcoming days, the Ministry of Higher Education has announced which will attract more than 116,000 students in 1397. Spokeswoman of higher education ministry, Arefeh Paikar, told Pasbanan news agency in a phone conversation: “The total capacity at universities, higher education institutions, Technical and professional institutes and academics institutions have been evaluated for this year’s 116,632 students.”

But how much of these students will be able to enter this year to universities and institutes of higher education? Spokeswoman for the Ministry of Higher Education Madam Paikar adds: “Over this year, more than 200,000 students has registered their self’s.  From this amount, 6,2662 will be elected in universities and higher education institutions and 5,3770 others Will be attracted to the technical and professional institutes and Darololoms in provinces center of the country. ”

Spokeswoman for the Ministry of Higher Education also emphasized that 6,850 women will have special seats, in top universities to increase women role in education.

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