Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

The Kabul Police command has announced that yesterday, 9th of September, more than 150 people have been arrested using the name of Ahmed Shah Massoud, the national hero of the country, to crush the security in Kabul. “More than 150 people have been arrested in connection with the disruption of security in Kabul,” said Hashmatullah Stanekzay, spokesman for Kabul Police command, he also added: “security forces were able to seize several arms from these people and around 30 cars are also blocked from them by Afghan security forces who are based in Kabul”.

Published videos on social pages show that public order disruptors, using the name and images of commander Massoud, the national hero of the nation. even a group of youngsters in the center of the city opened fire on the image of President Ghani and scoffed at him. Presidential palace now sees this move as a gangster culture in the country. Shah Hussein Mortazavi, the deputy presidential spokesman, said: “Armed behavior along with street parades is about producing gangster culture in the country. Media, social media users, civil society and all segments of the population are responsible for responding to these behaviors. These behaviors are consistent with urban civilization and culture. Cyberspace users can turn the subject into public discourse with constructive views to avoid repeating such cases.”

The appearance of this issue has frightened all the residents of Kabul. Ataullah, 28, is one of the capital’s residents, he told us in an interview “When they come to roads, everyone feels that they are using their arms against the citizens and want to kill us. While their convoy was also targeted by a terrorist attack yesterday, these people are a handful of benefactors using Masood’s name and jihad values in the country. The government is also prevented from doing so.”

Meanwhile, At least two people were killed and nine others wounded as a result of the suicide attack on the patrol caravan of the supporters of commander Massoud supporter.

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