Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Gulab-u-Din Amiri

At least 6 people were killed including three National Directorate of Security and three civilians due to the explosion of a Mazda-type vehicle full of explosives in Ghazni, which occurred at 8:30 am this Sunday, against the third national directorate of the security district office in Shamir’s area of Ghazni city. In addition, it is said that 149 more civilians were wounded in the incident.

Ghazni police chief, who arrived in the suicide sense sever minutes after the explosion occurred, said that the death toll is four and the 40 are wounded, but Mohammad Hemath, director of the Ghazni provincial hospital, says that in the event, six people were killed including three military man and three Civilians and nearly 149 people were wounded who were transferred to the provincial and private hospitals as soon as possible.

The blast took place a few meters away from a private school, and the most injured in this event are also private school students. Most of the victims are civilians who have lived in this area or were busy with their works. The explosion was so strong that several homes and shops in the area were seriously damaged and trees near the site were completely destroyed.

The blast clashed with serious reactions that how a vehicle full of explosives reached the safest area of ​​the city, and how the terrorists reach the most secure area where a military institution is a place. Meanwhile, the locals criticize the government on the lack of intelligence information. Also, other critics are the presence of security organs among residential houses which harms the local citizens of Ghazni.

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