Pasbanan- Kabul:

Monday afternoon around 2 pm suicide attacker blows up himself in front of the entrance gate of rural rehabilitation and development ministry, which occurred heavy casualties for civilians. Kabul security officials announced that most of the victims are civilian and they were ordinary employees of the ministry. Hashmantullah Stanekzay Kabul police Spokesman told media: this incident took place around 1 pm, Monday afternoon. According to reports in this incident, 12 people including women were killed and 20 others got injured.

But Public Health ministry has announced that during this incident 42 peoples were killed and injured. Abdul Wahid Majroh Spokesman of the ministry told media that up to now 12 people have lost their life and 31 other got injured. No one has claimed responsibility for this incident. It is worth to say that the incident took place in a time that ministry employees were leaving to their home.


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