Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Seyed Mojtaba Sadat

Security ministry officials announce the deaths of more than 40 Taliban and wounding 36 others in different parts of the country.

The Ministry of Defense has published a newsletter: The air and ground operations of the army forces in the district of Bad Morghab district of Badghis province killed 14 people and injured 13 people A vehicle, a vehicle and a quantity of weapons and ammunition were destroyed, in Farah province, 12 terrorist groups Killed and 17 injured in Qashqari and Qandahari districts of Chamtal district of Balkh province Six terrorists were killed and four others were wounded 4 people were killed in terrorist attacks in Baghlan province, and in Helmand province, 3 terrorist suspects were subjected to a local Taliban commander Obeid killed and 2 were wounded Three people were shot dead in Uruzgan province, and in Chukki district of Kunar province, one The Taliban had been killed.

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