Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Dean Agharkhail

Image: Imran Khorasani

At the height of government concerns about the destruction of ISIS-K in eastern Afghanistan, reports now show that at least 400 ISIS-K fighters have been transferred to Kabul by the National Directorate of Security forces. Today the National Directorate of Security allowed the media to report on these fighters. Among the detainees transferred to Kabul today are said to be foreign fighters of ISIS-K which were detained with their families in various provinces by Afghan security and defense forces.

The detainees include citizens of Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and China, with more than 60 percent of them being Pakistani citizens. “First we traveled to Turkey and went to Iran with Turkish passports, and from there we entered Pakistan,” said one of the fighters, who is a Chinese Uyghur citizen, in a conversation with the Pasbanan Media Group News Agency. “We received all our training at Pakistani military camps and then entered the country with the Afghan ID cards.”

According to statistics, today 277 foreign nationals who are ISIS-K fighters have been arrested and handed over to the National Directorate of Security Forces. Statistics show that among these fighters at least 159 of them are children, 75 are women in custody. The statics also indicates that at least 162 domestic fighters are said to be among these men. While the Afghan security and defense forces have warned of the destruction of ISIS-K in the east of the country, they have also stated that in 2020 they would be able to defeat ISIS-K and this year would be a fateful year for its destruction of the group elsewhere in Afghanistan.

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