Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammadi Karimi

Noor Rahman, the technical supervisor of the Stability and Convergence Team, wrote on his Facebook page on Monday that “over 4,000 complaints and submissions from the Stability and Convergence Team were submitted to the Electoral Complaints Commission today, and perhaps the same number will be filed in the next two days.

He added: “We are pursuing work in parallel in two areas so that any point where there is the hope of resolving the problem and preventing fraud by legal and technical means, with the help of a well-trained team in monitoring and prevention.” From fraud, we do our legal and technical work, and until recently our efforts were mostly soft and stress-free. ”

Ethically added, whenever there is no reference to legal and technical matters and people’s rights are lost, all other options are on the table to defend the legitimate right of the people.

“In short, there is no chance for a fraudster, while the Independent Election Commission yesterday announced the preliminary results of the presidential election,” he said. Based on these results, Ashraf Ghani came in second with Sadr and Abdullah Abdullah, but the Abdullah Abdullah electoral group, led by the Stability and Coalition Team and its allies and supporters, did not accept the initial results of the presidential election.

However, the Election Complaints Commission said in a news conference yesterday that only preliminary results had been announced and that the election teams should refrain from prejudice. The Electoral Complaints Commission also announced its readiness to independently review and decide on complaints filed by the teams.

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