Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Zahra Sahel

Ministry of Interior has reported the arrest of more than 400 drug smugglers in several provinces of the country. According to the spokesman’s office of the Afghan Interior ministry the Drug Enforcement forces and the Counter Narcotics Police have launched separate operations for the arrest of more than 400 drug smugglers over the past twenty days. “These operations have been carried out in several provinces, and in addition to drug traffickers, drug storages and factories have also been eliminated,” Nasratullah Rahimi, the acting head of the Interior Ministry’s spokesman office, added.

Mr. Rahimi emphasized: “The Counter Narcotics Police have carried out (434) operations in the last 20 days, during which these operations (470) were arrested and eight drug labs were discovered and five major drug stores were destroyed. “According to Mr. Rahimi, global drug traffickers are now in Afghanistan, and the government is not capable of arresting them.

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