Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Gulab-u-din Amiri

Ghazni local officials have announced that at least 124 military operations have been launched in the past month to suppress the Taliban in the province. Ghazni governor Wahidullah Kalimzai told Pasbanan Media Group: “The operation has been launched in twelve districts of Ghani including Moqor, Andar, Girro, Gailan, Qarabagh, Abband, Zankhan, Dheyak, Waghaz, Khwaja Omari, Jaghori and Jaghori. During these operations, 468 Taliban including their 18 commanders have been killed.”

It is said that during this period, 27 civilians and 12 military personnel were also killed. Meanwhile, Kalimzai says: “Taliban movements in Ghazni have been severely suppressed, because, in the past month, 94 joint operations with coalition forces, 25 commando operations and 5 military operations were launched in the province, where Taliban have suffered casualties In addition, the security forces were able to seize the district of Ten again from the Taliban. ”

Ghazni local officials continue to emphasize that efforts to improve the security situation in Ghazni continues and security forces in the province are trying to develop the Ghazni security belt.

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