Pasbanan- Kabul

While Afghanistan spends the hardest days. But still, dozens of Lady Artists have exhibited their paintings to create hope among the citizens of this country. According to reports, 70 women in Kabul last night exhibited their paintings with the help of the Picasso Foundation, which was praised by the capital’s citizens and visitors to this exhibition. Most of the paintings of the exhibition were related to current situation in Afghanistan and its culture. In addition, it reflected the violent events that caused the Afghan people to be disturbed.

The lady artists added that purpose of this exhibition is to reflect the realities of the society and create new horizons for living in Afghanistan. Programs like this are being launched in Kabul at the time, where many parts of the country burn in battle. Still, terrorists in more than 20 provinces of Afghanistan are directly fighting the country’s security and defense forces; a battle that has undermined the scrape of Afghan citizens. While all the citizens of the country want to secure lasting peace but these events showed that government is unable to tackle all security challenges and even terrorists are reluctant to provide peace in the country.


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