Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

Deputy spokesman for the country’s presidential office in response to a presidential candidate’s news conference has stated that they had no new point of view and they stood on their former position. Shah Hussein Mortazawi, has said: “Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is the only sole authority to interpret the constitution, and any other arrangement, the so-called” interim government or supervisor, caretaker government”, is contrary to the basic legal system and the system of the country. Political parties and political figures cannot interpret the law on their own accord. ”

Mortazawi continues to emphasize that according to Article 104, paragraph 6, of the Electoral Law, whenever elections are postponed or suspended, election members of this law continue to work until the election and announcement of the results. The deputy spokesman for the president continues to respond to the use of President Ghani’s video during the 2014 election, adding: “The video was broadcast by the Afghan president regarding the delay in the election before the Supreme Court orders, and after When the Supreme Court announced its views on the election, President Ghani respected the Supreme Court decision. ”

This reaction comes as the presidential candidates’ council has pushed for the abandonment of the president Ghani from office.

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