Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shersha Nawabi

Shah Hussein Mortazawi, deputy spokesman for the presidential palace, wrote on his Facebook cover page: “It is being an honor to me that I am working with in Afghan system, along with the president. In the history of this country, how many Kings, presidents, prime ministers, politicians and jihadist leaders had 60 provincial missions over the past four years? He is the only man who has a roadmap for the country and seeks to restore the lost position of the country in the region and the world.”

Mr. Mortazawi continues to claim that Mohammed Ashraf Ghani is the only president who is master minded and good planner and daily he is dealing with the principles. He adds, “He has no background of crime, stealing, and seizing in this country. He is the only president who has registered its assets. During the whole session of his working period, he is always ready to go with a complete agenda and read the program plan of each program carefully. I am ready to debate with each political critic about the four-year record and set with them in a free debate and defend the President’s work with pride and honor.”

According to Mr. Mortazawi, now, the working time table of president Ghani has increased the and daily he is spending his time in working at the presidential palace from 16 hours to 20 hours, which is essentially climbing.

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