Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahil

Shah Hussein Mortazawi, the deputy spokesman for the president, announced the reason for the cancellation of vacations on Thursday. Mr. Mortazawi has said that for the first time in nine years, state employees were back to their work on Thursday. Mr. Mortazawi added: “The first Thursday, and the first week of the New Year are the government employees are back to their duties. A country that has spent 40 years of crisis, devastation, and backwardness needs more work. ”

According to Mr. Mortazawi, the previous government had missed this golden opportunity. He continues to emphasize: “Most importantly, previous governments have lost historical and golden opportunities. Now we have to work to transform Afghanistan from an independent country and this goal needs more work to change the country to a reliable strategic partner for the world. ”

Mr. Mortazawi emphasizes the importance of intensive work in a time that, at least Afghan citizens spend more than 100 days on vacations.

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