Pasbnan- Kabul:

A few minutes a go, a motor bomb attack happened in PD 1 of Lashkargah capital of Helmand province. Pasbanan reporter in Helmand says: this incident took place in front of Ghazi Mohammad Ayob Khan sports club, in PD one of Lashkargah. According to reports some security and also provincial council officials were a part of participants and when they were coming out after a wrestling game, this attack took place. Helmand governors press office has announced that in this incident until now 30 people have been killed and dozen more have been injured. Their was no official statement from helmand police.

Until now no one has claim responsibility for this bloody incident but, a source who was speaking in condition of anonymity told pasbanan: this incident was designed by Haqani network,  and the attacker target was targeting of some officials from helmand province.

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