Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrzad

Following a 48-hour siege by security forces and security guards of former Junbish party commander Nezam-u-Din Qaisari, some members of the House of Representatives have now condemned the military operation on the home of Qaisari and stated this act as a war crime. “Attacking the house of Nizamuddin Qaisari in the suburbs of Mazar-e-Sharif is a war crime and the commanders who managed the operation must be brought to court for illegal raids on the Qaisari house,” the MPs said.

Nizamuddin Qaisari was a former commander of the Junbish party led by General Abdul Rashid Dostum. But he was detained shortly before by the National Security Forces and then released on a bail. Now, Mr. Qaisari is again accused of harassing Mazar-e-Sharif citizens and having irresponsible armed forces. It was said that security forces had besieged his home two days earlier, which later turned into a clashes, and after 48 hours the police were able to arrest some security guards of Qaisari, but he himself was able to escape from the scene

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