Reporter: Emran Khorasani

After 16 days of talks in Qatar, Mullah Abdul Ghani Bradar, the head of the Taliban’s political office, met with US ambassadors and he said: “There has been a lot of progress in these talks, and it is hoped that further progress will be made in the future.” And our colleagues have not retreated from our position, and we are committed to our Islamic system and our law at any time.

“For future talks, solutions have been created and opportunities have been fostered,” he continued. “Our goal and expectation are the sovereignty of the Islamic system and the independence of Afghanistan. Foreign forces will emerge and citizens will live together.”

He continued, “If anyone understands us and does not look at the Taliban in the eyes of the enemy, we will have a brother with them, if they do not mind the brother, and we ask God to resolve the problems.

We urge all citizens to be sure and not to worry. God willing, the elites of the Islamic Emirate will be merciful to all, and no one will be discriminated against. Afghanistan is an Islamist country and we must share.

Peace talks between the Taliban and US delegates have gone beyond closed doors and so far no details have been leaked out of the talks.

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