Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

According to a letter released by Quetta council, “Mullah Mohammad Yaqob Omari” Son of “Mullah Mohammad Omar” ex-leader of Taliban has urged his fighters to support election process in their controlled area. According to this letter, Mullah Yaqob has emphasized that the creation of councils is not against Islamic rules. He has also claimed that all Taliban leadership agree with this theory and all Taliban fighters must stop their attacks on voting centers in their controlled area, and they are ordered to secure voting centers during election process which would be held tomorrow.

In another part of this letter it is also written that Islam religion is not against elections and Taliban fighters must hold their attacks in election days, he has also said that according to the Islamic overviews Taliban insurgents should abandon killing of ordinary citizens during this day. He has also added that Taliban must vote to those candidates who are the Muslim and well-known person in the society he has also stated that as the group has shown their well for peace in the country no military official of Taliban is allowed to attack voting center and public property in this day.

This high ranking official of Quetta council has also urged Afghanistan government to stop fighting Against Taliban extremists, in the election day. He has highlighted that these measures are announced due to the participation of large scale of Afghan voters in parliamentary elections. Earlier Zabiullah Mujahid, Spokesman of Taliban announced in a newsletter that they wouldn’t allow anyone to participate in the election process because it is just a game of US government in Afghanistan to make a new puppet parliament.


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