Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrzad

with the increase of doubts on continuation of Afghan peace process, Mullah Mohammad Yaqoub, the eldest son of Mullah Omar, former Taliban leader and current deputy of the group, has wrote a letter to the Taliban’s political office in Qatar. Based on this letter Mullah Yaqoub, has said: “Afghan government delegation went to Abu Dhabi to visit Taliban. Afghan citizens were waiting for the result of meeting in, inside and outside the country; But due to some political sensitivities and political pressures, the meeting has opened the door and raised questions about the Taliban’s willing to end the 17-year US occupation in the country.”

The Quetta council official has also said: “The Taliban’s political delegation met with the American delegation and Arab countries and refused to meet with the Afghanistan government. The Afghan government also used this condition to their own interest and provided the citizens of the country message that the Taliban did not want to end the war in Afghanistan, and Taliban take orders from other countries.”

He also asked the Taliban political delegation in Qatar: “Since public opinion has been linked to the will of the Taliban to end the battle in Afghanistan, we must realize that for the Islamic Emirate, the interests of the citizens and Afghanistan are prioritized, and we must prove that Taliban are the only group that calls for a long interruption The worst war in Afghanistan.”

The letter was issued while the Afghan Security Council adviser warned the Taliban that the government would not tolerate this group, and Afghan defense ministry Chief Asadullah Khalid has also said that the Afghan troops will continue to killing of the Taliban, and they regain their lost trenches from this terrorist group.




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