Pasbanan- Kabul:

Murad Ali Murad ex-deputy interior minister said: with all his efforts he was unable to provide better-eating facilities to Afghan police in their check posts and bases. He also emphasized that still, we have abnormalities and difficulties in interior ministry. According to Mr. Murad’s speech: “last night we had the worsening situation in several districts of Afghanistan. We were a witness to several terror attacks, unfortunately, last night police were unable to eat something in their check posts in Ghazni. I am unfortunate and ashamed of this situation. With all efforts, I was unable to clarify all difficulties and challenges in the interior ministry and provide better living conditions for Afghan police forces in the front lines.”

In a recent case, President Ghani introduced Akhtar Mohammad Ibrahimi the ex-chief of Presidential Palace Security as new deputy interior minister. In the ceremony of introducing general Ibrahimi, Defense minister says that selection of Mr. Akhtar Mohammad will support interior ministry in providing security and also law enforcement in the country. Tariq Shah Bahrami, Defense Minister says: “selection of Akhtar Mohammad Ibrahimi as deputy interior minister will support this institution to promote peace and we will assure interior minister and also his deputy minister that we as your brothers will stand shoulder by shoulder with you guys. And we will increase the capacity of Afghan police in the fight against terrorism.”

These issues come in a time that currently Taliban has increased their attacks on several major cities and also major districts of Afghanistan, in recent case Taliban attacked last night several districts of Ghazni in one time, but fortunately, their attack was setback by Afghan forces.

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