Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahel

While unemployment is still a major challenge for Afghan citizens, and the national unity government failed to fill the challenge in its five years term, now Nader Naderi, the head of the Independent Administrative Reform Commission has announced that they have been able to launch competitive examination for at least 300000 people. Mr. Naderi said: “32500 vacancies of teachers and civil servants” Fifths and sixth grade” were completed through a free competition that was held by administrative reform and civil servants organization in the past 16 months.”

Mr. Naderi also wrote in his Twitter message: “The selection process for the 17,500 people of these rivals ended two days ago, and I would say that at least 35 percent of those contestants are women. At least 300,000 people competed for these seats. “The report is being issued by the head of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission of Afghanistan, which is still concerned about citizens of the country and government officials who are concerned about Individual choices are taken.

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