Pasbanan- Kabul

“The Afghan Independent Media Support Foundation” NAI said at a news conference this Wednesday: “Since the establishment of the national unity government, journalists have limited access to information so far. “Some journalists, senior media directors, have complained about the lack of access to information,” said Mujeeb Khelwatgar chief executive officer of the agency. They claim that “they have access to very limited information during the government of national unity.”

Mr. Khelwatgar continues to reveal things. He says: “Discrimination between domestic and foreign journalists, as foreign journalists prefer, fears of security officials from journalists, delay in announcing precise statistics on casualties of terrorist attacks, absence of government officials from providing information, failure of the authorities to participate in radio and television discussions, lack of awareness of government institutions of the right to access information and silence of telephone numbers with some spokesmen are  Important complaints by media activists.”

But the presidential palace says these claims are unfounded. Shah Husain Mortazavi, head of Presidential Palace spokesman Office, told the Pasbanan news agency, “The government is committed to protecting freedom of expression, last year, president ruled to gain access to information, and all spokesmen are obliged to provide information and answer.” It seems that the presentation of this report is not pleasant to the presidential palace. Mr. Mortazavi adds: “The institution does not act in a fair and light manner in its judgments; I hope that this institution will not be biased towards news and media issues.”

The report is being released on the basis of the annual report of the Economist magazine, Afghanistan among the more than 50 tyrannical countries in the world, is ranked with Syria, Iran and North Korea.


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