Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Ferdowsi Rasouli

According to Reporters of without Borders and media reports, media watch (NAI), supporters of free media in Afghanistan, killings of journalists and media workers in Afghanistan have fallen sharply.

Statistics show that nine journalists and media workers were killed in Afghanistan in the year 2019, while 20 journalists and media workers were killed in 2018.

According to NAI, some media coverage of terrorist incidents, lack of access to insecure locations and lines of war, and lack of professionalism of reporters due to bitter past experiences at work are the main reasons for the decline in the number of journalists killed in Afghanistan. Is.

“We are fortunate to see the deaths of journalists and media workers, but on the other hand we are worried about the same number of deaths that will be as high as ten this year,” said Abdul Mujib Khelwatgar, chief executive of NAI.

(NAI) calls on the Afghan government to condemn the perpetrators of violence against journalists, especially those responsible for the killing of journalists who have been arrested.

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