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This morning, Shah Hussein Mortazavi announced the dismissal of Najibullah Azad; deputy speaker of the president, absentees was the main reason of his dismissal from job.

A few hours after the announcement, Mr. Azad was present among some of media representatives. He says he was evident of some controversial activities during his nine months work at presidential palace, which did not allow him to speak with the media. “I’ve been working in presidential palace since 9 months,” Mr. Azad said. Some circles prevented me from communicating with the media. ”

The dismissed deputy spokesperson of president warns that he has evidence of corruption in presidential palace and already he has shared all of them with the president and he will also shared these documents with the media. He says: “In the presidential palace of Afghanistan, relations are governed by the rules. I must take a test to find out who deserves. 80 percent of my energy was consumed to eliminate conspiracy and spend only 20 percent on my energy. ”

He was promoted 9 months ago by Nader Naderi, a former senior advisor to the president on public relations and presidential affairs. Najibullah Azad, has a master’s degree in management and administration in English, was chosen as speaker of the presidential palace because of his ability to speak English, while the other two spokespersons of president do not have these qualities.

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