Report: Mehrullah Meherzad

Residents of Khogyani, Shirzad and Hessarak districts of Nangarhar has urged Security forces that they should avoid harming civilian population during their operations. These protesters have claimed that during special operations of Afghanistan security and defense forces, nearly 160 civilians including women and children have been killed.

Protesters warn: If the security forces, especially the army and police special forces do not pay serious attention to the lives and civilian property, residents of these areas will take back their support from security forces. Ebrahimi, one of the tribal elders of Khogyani district, said that after the operation of the 02 company of National Directorate of Security special forces in the area, a number of residents had to leave the houses.

With all the efforts we were unable to have a statement for Nangarhar local authority comments, but we could not achieve that, according to United Nations reports in Afghanistan, the air strike has increased by 52% over civilian casualties all around Afghanistan.

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