Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahil

The head of US National Space Agency’s (NASA) has said that it is likely that the first astronaut going to Mars is likely to be a woman.

“For the next decade we will use innovative systems and technologies to explore more areas around the globe, more than ever,” said Mr. Whiteheads, chairman of the US National Space Agency. “This time we went to send our astronaut to Mars, we will stay there and we will work out our lessons for taking great strides.”

NASA had earlier announced that it would send the first women’s team to space on the planet, previously two men and a woman participated in NASA’s space missions. This is while the first astronaut woman joined the US Department of the Space Research in 1978, and now 34 percent of the astronaut’s active members are women which are conducting space missions.

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