Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

The Ministry of National Defense of the country announced the launch of a large-scale operation of the National Army in Ghazni province.

National Defense Ministry spokesman Sayed Ghafoor Jawid says the ANA launched an operation in Asghari village of Ab-band District of Ghazni province, which resulted in the operation:

  • A rang truck and a hailuxe bag full of explosive devices ready to use destructive operations were blown up.
  • Three Insurgents were killed and two others, including a Pakistani citizen, were arrested.
  • A Kalashnikov weapon, two base stations, a base station and a night camera frame.

Mr. Jawid also added: “The courageous members of the National Army, as the defense force of the country, are ready to sacrifice every kind of security and peace to the people and have strong determination to eliminate these terrorists.”

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