Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

It has been nearly two months since the vice president of the country General Dostum returned to his hometown of Jawzjan, expressing concern over the security situation in the north, especially in the province. Even as Mr. Dostum has accused the army officials in the north of being ineffective and has stated that he will return to the battle fields again. But sources close to Mr. Dostum say the move was met with opposition from the National Defense Ministry.

General Dostum said during a public meeting in Jawzjan that he will defend the Northern provinces with all his force and would not allow these areas to become a safe haven for armed opposition groups. General Dostum is now in charge of clearing operation in the Jawzjan-Sar-e-pol Highway. He has repeatedly stressed that he does not allow the Taliban to operate in the Northern provinces. Mr. Dostum had previously said that if the president Ghani gives him direct orders to clear the north from the presence of terror groups he can end the presence of terrorist organizations in these areas in six months.

But National Defense Ministry spokesman Ruhollah Ahmadzai has denied the allegations that the MoD officials oppose Mr. Dostum’s return to the front lines of the battle; the Interior Ministry had earlier said the fight against militant groups is a common duty of Afghanistan Security and defense forces but it is not the duty of the Vice President of the country.

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