Pasbanan- Kabul

While Afghan government agencies are still affiliated with global financial assistance, But in most recent case, the National Procurement Commission has claimed to have taken a massive amount of money from Profitable people in state institutions. According to agency’s newsletter, in years 1395 and 1396 they have been able to prevent the loss of 29.4 billion Afghanis. The National Procurement newsletter adds: ” implementation of reform process in procurement system, coupled with further oversight of major national projects, has led, over the course of three years, The National Procurement Commission (ANP) has prevented 29.4 billion Afghanis public funds from raising to profitable people.”

In year 1395 alone, they has been able to cut an additional 18.3 Afghanis And in 1396, they have been able to prevent 11.1 billion Afghanis from losing. This is despite the fact that the National Procurement Commission has reviewed at least 806 projects in this financial year.


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