Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

The National Security Advisor said at a meeting of national security advisers in the Russian cities of Offa that the fight against financial crimes for our country’s national security is key issue, and money laundering, illegal monetary transactions through unregistered payment systems, terrorist financing It is required through so-called charitable actions in an area that is not subject to oversight.

Another significant national security adviser believes that cross-border cooperation, where thousands of people in the region traverse and cross borders to join terrorist groups, illegally trafficked and target citizens of the countries of the region. Therefore, joint cooperation in border management in the region, the sharing of information at a given time, the equipping of border forces with the technology needed to combat cyber threats is essential and vital.

The country’s national security adviser also added that cybercrime is another means of hybrid war (hybrid) that threatens our countries, and Afghanistan is prepared to use the use of cyber-space through destructive elements that create delinquency through the use of bilateral and regional cooperation. Limit the progress of our societies and eliminate them.

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