Reporter: Shaker Sangi

Dr. Hamdullah Muhib, national security adviser, visited Patrick Shanahan and his accompanying delegation headed by the US Department of Defense. In this meeting, Dr. Hamdullah Mohib, while acknowledging the continued partnership and strategic partnership of the United States with Afghanistan, highlighted the issue of peace and Afghan ownership and cooperation with the United States in this regard.

Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan expressed hope for capacity building and leadership in the Afghan Ministry of Defense, as well as continued assurances of continued strong US-backed cooperation in strengthening the country’s defense and security forces. He also added that the 18-year achievements of the people and government of Afghanistan will be successfully maintained by the peace process.

Dr. Mohib added: “The Afghan government has had good initiatives in the area of peace process progress, and at the same time our heroic armed forces are defending the people and the integrity of Afghanistan.

The national security adviser also said that efforts to maintain lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan would continue.

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