Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sanaullah Nawabi

“The enemies of Afghanistan citizens and the regime are looking for an opportunity to disturb the peace and stability of our dear countryman and women, today, by carrying out missile attacks on the commemoration ceremony of Abdul Ali Mazari death anniversary the martyr of National Unity, once they should their ugly and violent face for the Afghan citizens.”

The National Security Council newsletter also states: “The National Security Council’s office, while assuring Afghan citizens of investigating the deadly attack, we insist that the allegations of this anti-regime and anti-nation act would be identified and punished.”

Meanwhile, the interior ministry spokesman acting head of government has announced that they have begun a clearance operation to eliminate the attackers at the site and currently the operation is ongoing by Afghan police Special Forces, Mr. Rahimi added that the conflict between the two sides is still ongoing.

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